Planetary gear for Proxxon MF70 to SN. 22851

Planetary gear for Proxxon MF70 to SN. 22851

149.00 €

Delivery time: 7 day(s)


This retrofittable planetary gear increases the torque of your milling spindle fourfold. At the same time, the speed is also reduced by a factor of four (5,000 rpm).

These adjustments are absolutely necessary if, for example, you want to work with a 6.0 mm milling cutter. In this way, the 100 watts of the spindle motor are optimally adjusted.

The installation is easy for everyone. The planetary gear is designed to ensure that the motor continues to be well ventilated.

Scope of delivery:

  • planetary carrier wheel with motor centering bearing and fan function
  • 3 planetary wheels
  • Sun gear incl. motor centering
  • Installation instructions