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Cut3D Cut3D Cut3D

322,00 EUR

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Manufacturer: Vectric More products from this manufacturer
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Product no.: Cut3d

Quick and Easy 3D Model Machining
Cut3D is a dedicated toolpath engine for CNC machining 3D models that have been designed using a 3D CAD or Graphics design product such as AutoCAD, Rhino3D, 3D Studio etc. or scanned using a laser or touch probe device. Cut3D's exceptionally easy to use interface leads you step-by-step through the process of loading a model, setting the size, interactively placing tabs to hold the job in place, calculating single, double or four sided roughing and finishing toolpaths, previewing the results and finally saving the CNC code to run on your machine.
3D Models that are to large / thick to machine because of gantry height, cutter length or limited material thickness can be 'Sliced' into separate pieces. Each slice can then be machined and the complete job assembled.

What is Cut3D?
Cut3D quickly and easily converts 3D models into CNC toolpaths (3D XYZ point data) that can be machined on conventional 3 axis CNC machines.

What can you do with Cut3D? 

3D Model Making
CNC routing, engraving, milling
Rapid Prototyping
New product designs
Sign Making
Adding dimensional elements to signs
Wood Carving
Custom fireplaces, door panels
Statues & Theme Parks
3D sculptures
Earrings and custom designs
Gifts and personalized awards
Stone cutting
Memorials, Commemorative plaques

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 08 November, 2011.